Thursday, November 12, 2015

Top 5 Things To Be Offended By Today!

Error. Re-routing. 

 I hear those words a lot from the GPS on my phone. I am easily distracted you see. But luckily, my trusty phone re-routes my course so that I can finally get from point A to point B.

 After listening to the vitriol spewing forth on both sides regarding the controversial natures of such important topics as red cups, OCD sweatshirts, and witty road signs, I'd like to share
a teeny tiny observation. 


 If we're going to be outraged and angry, let's take aim at some things that are truly worthy of being outraged, angry, and offended by!

Please Insert Outrage Here:

Here is just a small sampling of thing's to be offended by today.    Tell everyone on social media how these things make you feel, AND what you're going to do about it.

1.  There are currently 108,000 children in the U.S. Foster care system who are ready and waiting to be adopted.  They range in age from under 1 to 21.  20% are teenagers. All need a home.  All deserve a family.

Go And Do! Learn more at Adopt U.S. Kids

2.  According to the Walk Free Foundation, there are approximately 35.8 million people enslaved worldwide.  60,100 are in the U.S. Nearly 1/3 of those enslaved throughout the world are children, some as young as 5.

 Go And Do!  Become A Modern Day Abolitionist-learn more at  Operation Underground Railroad and The Walk Free Foundation

3.  The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that during a single night in January 2014 there were 578,424 people experiencing homelessness in the United States.  49,933 were veterans.  

Go and Do!  United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

4.  In South Sudan MILLIONS of women and children trek up to 8 hours each day to collect water from marshes, ditches, or hand dug wells where the water is often contaminated with parasites and bacteria-bringing sickness and death.

Go and Do!  Water For South Sudan

5.  Unicef estimates there are 30 million refugee children on the run from violence and oppression.   Syria is the world's largest producer of refugees.  There are 4 million on the run from Syria.  2 million of those are children.

Go and Do! Unicef-Syrian Refugee Crisis

So there you go.  5 things to be truly offended and outraged by.  

Go and Do.

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