Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our Favorite Christmas Tradition--Smiles, Service, and a Snowman

A few years ago I started a new tradition at our house--the "Service Snowman."  I thought the idea of having a cute little creature popping up in funny places around the house sounded fun, but I wanted it to be less about making sure my little people were being good, and more about giving them something to do that WAS good.  

Each night our little snowman searches the city for people in need, then returns to our home and lands in a funny hiding spot with a little card telling us who we can serve the following day.  

This little tradition has become something that my kiddo's LOVE, and most importantly has been really easy for me to pull off during the busy season!  To get your own copy, simply click on the images below and "save as" a file to do your computer.  Enjoy!

1.  Buy or make a snowman that you can hide in fun places around the house.
2.  Print out the poem and the service cards.  (I specifically did not number the cards--I just look at my schedule the night before to see what I think will be doable the next day.)
3.  Each night from the 15th-25th, hide your snowman with one of the cards around the house.
4.  The best part!  Watch as your kids get really excited about finding the snowman each morning and seeing what act of service they can do that day!

P.S.  Let me know if you try it out, and how it goes!

Here is a list of the service activities.  There are 16 different activities to choose from-some would be better if you're in a warm climate and some better in a cold climate.  Just choose the 12 that would work for your family to do this year.

1. Do secret service for a family member.
2. Go caroling (wherever you want...we go to a nursing home)
3. Shovel the snow on a neighbors driveway 
4. Write or draw a letter for a soldier and send it to
5.  Share the love, give everyone in your family a hug.
6.  Make pinecone bird feeders
7. Take cookies to the firestation
8.  Make snowflakes and deliver to a local care center
9.  Take hot chocolate to someone who lives or works outside
10. Take a cold drink to someone who lives or works outside
11. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa
12. Tell everyone in your family something you love about them
13. Take dinner to a family with a new baby
14. Make or buy cinnamon rolls to share with a neighbor or family member
15. Leave a treat in your mailbox for the mail carrier
16. Help in a neighbors yard

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